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Fix your Credit, Fix your Life!


Bad Credit brings Bad Energy

Imagine seeing the car of your dreams, you know the one that is on your vision board, you see it.  You decide that you are going to get this car, you test drive it, it feels really good.  The dealership runs your credit then BOOM you get denied because of an eviction from college! 

Or you are getting ready to get married and have to have that finances conversation with your future spouse and the wedding gets delayed because you can't finance it because of your score. 

Credit is EVERYTHING, and we at Vivacious Credit Services want to ensure we are educating our clients on the importance of credit and how to maintain it. 

RRR Program

The RRR Program is designed to help our clients know and understand credit  after the program is completed.  The RRR Program means Review, Restore, and Retain.   We want our clients to Retain their credit and utilize the knowledge.  

How does the Process Work?

During our consultation, we will review your credit report.  You pull your report yourself.  We recommend IdentityIQ.

We will then come up with an action plan to help you attain your financial goals. 

After your letters are sent out, you will receive correspondence from the bureaus within 30-45 days.  The entire process can take up to 120 days.  

What items can be removed?

Evictions, repossessions, medical bills, collections, student loans, old addresses, judgments, bankruptcies, late payments and any information that is not verifiable or correct! 

We help you Build Credit as Well!

After the negative has been removed, we will then teach on how to build your score to the 700 club!  We have partnered with several companies to assist all of our clients with building their score. We care about you and we want you to succeed! 


Why Chose Vivacious Credit Services?


We care about our Clients!

We take the time to review our clients financial history and understand how we got to not so favorable credit.  We then devise a plan with each client tailored to fix bad habits and create new ones. 


Proven Results!

We are passionate about getting results! We work very hard to help our clients reach their goals.  We provide resources and use the Law to maximize our results for our clients. Our clients goals is our PRIORITY! 


About the CEO

The CEO De'Asha Redding has first hand experience with bad credit.  She knows and understands how hard it is with bad credit and she made it her duty to help people with getting their finances back on track. 

She began her journey in credit restoration in 2015.  After going through trial and error as well as having her own financial issues, she began to take credit seriously.   She had repossessions, evictions, and medical bills on her credit.   She has overcome so many obstacles in  her financial life and now she wants to help others do the same.  

DeAsha is a member of the Credit Consultants Association.  She has passed the proficiency exam to become a Certified Credit Consultant. 

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