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How does the credit restoration process work?

  1. You pull Your Credit file from Here.  It is $1 for seven days.  This will allow us to challenge the bureaus effectively! 
  2.  Select Your Package
  3. Book your welcome call!  This call with us we will go over your credit file in detail.  This is at no charge to you.  We will come up with an action plan together to help you build your score.  This consultation is very important and mandatory.
  4. After the call, we will then work on your letters and send them to the main three bureaus. The credit bureaus have 30-45 days from the day they receive your letters to respond to you.  Once you receive correspondence from  the credit bureaus, you are required to send the information  to us.  

All items will not be removed from your credit file, that is called a credit sweep and that is illegal.  We do not perform credit sweeps.  We only provide factual disputing.  Everything we do is backed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA.) 

After you receive updates and correspondence from the bureaus it is your responsibility to provide us with the information.  We teach you how to build your credit as well!  We have partnered with several companies to help you build your credit file. 

Our Purpose

Our mission is to provide credit education and tools to our clients to help them achieve the credit they deserve. 


While repairing your credit we will teach you how to build it as well.